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Eden Wild Goose

EWG is a group of people from the community including the villages of Aglionby, Scotby, Cumwhinton, Cotehill, Wetheral, Great Corby, Heads Nook, Corby Hill, Little Corby, Warwick Bridge, Holme Eden and Warwick on Eden, and is an initiative of our local churches. 

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One wing is about local 'interests and activities': Life in all its fullness'



EWG Storytelling 

Gathering to share stories of life.


EWG Community Choir 

Thursday evenings at 7.30pm in Wetheral Parish Church 

EWG Crafty Gaggle 
Alternate Mondays 7pm in St Paul's Holme Eden Meeting room. Facebook for up to date information

EWG Posada 

A shoebox representing the journey of Mary and Joseph to Jerusalem. It travels around schools, and other public places in the lead up to Christmas. Seasonal

EWG Nature 

Developing and celebrating an interest in nature.


EWG Art link

Exploring the creative arts


EWG Eden Breakfasts

Some First Saturdays in the month with a speaker

EWG Coffee and scones
Meet friends
EWG Spice 
Mens' curry evenings 
EWG Ukrainian Sanctuary
Creating a local support network for Gov.uk 'Homes for Ukraine' campaign
The other wing is about prayer and faith. Including... 
EWG Pray Initiative
Using the 'Rhythm of Life' book


EWG Inspired

An ancient way, talks on St Cuthbert.

EWG Immerse 

Reading the 'Good book' as a Book Club

EWG Inquisitive

Talks on discovering more about faith

EWG Engage

Talks on developing our faith




From October 2021 to October 2022
Eden Wild Goose has been selected to be a recipient of the Local Community Fund. When Co-op members buy selected Co-op branded products and services, the Co-op will give local causes, including EWG a helping hand. Link

The Community Choir has been supported with  a grant from Cumbria County Council.

Eden Wild Goose Nature has been supported with a grant from Fellfoot Forward

Eden Wild Goose red logo

An introduction

I enjoy watching the flocks of wild geese the Solway Firth an on our local fields. When they graze on the ground, the collective term for a flock of geese is a ‘gaggle’. It is sometimes possible to imagine that they are planning a collective take off. They seem to talk about it for a while, as if discussing their intentions with each other until one starts the ascent. Scientists have examined this phenomenon. One study reported that this period of consultation lasts anywhere from nine to twenty-two minutes. Then they are up. They fly in the characteristic V shape, collectively known as a skein or a wedge.  They are wild and free.
Often when a skein of geese comes in to land, those on the ground answer their calls as if to welcome them. The descending geese drop one wing then the other as they lose height and look for a spot to land and join the others. This twisting movement is known as ‘whifflng’. 
A new community of people is beginning to gather in our locality. We wondered what could be an appropriate name? After a good amount of gaggling and whiffling the name Eden Wild Goose has been chosen.
Eden Wild Goose EWG is an initiative of the local churches through which we hope to explore and deepen life in all its fullness, mind, heart, body and soul. The wild goose, which was used by the ancient celtic church as a logo for the Holt Spirit, is a fitting logo for us as the geese convey such vibrancy and life.
We affirm that everyone is spiritual and EWG will help people to develop this part of themselves. We will provide resources for you to pray anyplace, anytime and anywhere. 
There is so much to appreciate in life and it can be enriched by sharing it with others. The Eden Wild Goose initiates include the Community Choir, Nature group, Craft, Storytelling, Book Club, Eden Breakfasts ... and more will be on its way.
There is plenty of gaggling and whiffling going on as we are exploring how Eden Wild Goose could enrich the life of our local community. You can contact me with any questions or to register an interest in EWG. My hope is that the Eden Wild Goose will be about life in all its fullness.
If you are interested in joining the prayer community, being on a mailing list or finding out more about our events and activities, please contact me,
Graeme Skinner
The Rectory, Warwick Bridge
CA4 8RF   01228 561358