Cumbria Amphibian and Reptile Group survey 

31st August 2021

Cumbria Amphibian and Reptile Group with Eden Wild Goose Nature are surveying the grounds next to St Paul's Holme Eden over the next few weeks. We are collecting data from the footpath along the beck next to the drive and the woodlands behind the church. There are GPS satellite located ash-felt squares laid in the grass that will be inspected each week for amphibians, reptiles, insects and small mammals who may hide in these warm spaces. Please do not lift or look under them or this may interfere with the scientific measurements.
CARG trained a group of us in this important survey work so we could measure the density or absence of the three different types of UK snakes, 3 lizards, 3 newts and 3 amphibians (toads and frogs).

210831 EWG CARG 1

210831 EWG CARG 2

210831 EWG CARG 3

210831 EWG CARG 4

210831 EWG CARG 5

210831 EWG CARG 6