Churches Count on Nature June 2021 
EWGN 2020 06a Focus pix
Eden Wild Goose Nature

5th- 13th June
This week is part of a national wildlife count. What can you see in our churchyards? Make a list or photograph any wildlife you see, using the recording sheet below, send it to Graeme and he will add it to the National Biodiversity Network database. Please let Graeme know which church grounds you would like to observe and look at the helpful links below.

Recording sheet

Childrens' activities including ID guide

Tuesday 8th June at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.
During that week we are also running some ‘Awe Walks’ in St Paul’s Holme Eden grounds.  Booking is essential as numbers are limited. If more people book then we can plan some more walks on that day. The walk/wander is just within the grounds, mindfully noticing and awe-fully sensing the surroundings.

Churches Count on Nature is a joint initiative promoted by Caring for God’s Acre, A Rocha UK, the Church of England and the Church in Wales. During a week in June, it brings local people together to discover the wildlife in their local church yard, recording the species they find, combining their results with others which will be collated on the National Biodiversity Network (NBN), a nationwide database of wildlife in the UK.

CCoN website page

The Wildlife Trusts Wildflower ID