Wetheral Churchyard 

Eden Wild Goose Nature

The need for greater understanding of and response to sustaining and improving our local environment is a matter for everybody. Biodiversity is a key characteristic of a healthy environment.
The churchyard in Wetheral comprises a large area and the opportunity to contribute to the needs of nature. Reducing the intensity of mowing may be an opportunity to improve the diversity and value of plant species including those that are important to pollinating insects.

The bank alongside Ferry Hill has been studied over this summer to establish its present range of species. We will then consider how that may be improved, possibly by reduced mowing. Another option is whether to accelerate biodiversity through the introduction of known beneficial species suited to the soil and climate of Wetheral.

If you are interested in finding out more and perhaps contributing to the project your interest to understand more or perhaps contribute skills and understanding will be welcome.
Please contact Graeme skinner vicarofeden@gmail.com
200922 Botanical list