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The coin in the picture is a Roman lepton.  It was smallest and the lowest value coin in circulation in the time of Jesus. The Greek word lepton means small or thin. It is probably the 'widow's mite' Jesus spoke about in Mark 12:41-44, Luke 21:1-4 where he talks about the heart of the giver.

The church ministry is mainly supported by people's regular giving. The Bible in very practical and realistic in its guidance. Giving at its best is, generous, voluntary  and joyful (2 Corinthians 9v7). A good number give by Standing Order or other means. It is now also possible to give both regular and one off donations via this website.

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There is a small transaction fee (1.9% + 20p for each transaction) that you can choose to cover as an additional gift by ticking the box or this fee can be deducted from the amount given. This fee supports the My Giving finance administration. There is also the usual Gift Aid box to tick if appropriate. 

We could not fulfil all that we have been called to do and be in our area without the generosity of so many people who provide their time, talents and financial support to the life and ministry of Eden Churches.  Regular giving helps us to plan our mission and ministry. 

This is a secure transaction and will be managed through the Carlisle Diocesan financial team and then by the chosen Eden Church.  The company who have provided the My Giving route is Data Developments who have been approved and endorsed by Carlisle Diocese and The Church of England. 

The account for The Children and Families Outreach Worker is held in the Holme Eden accounts and Eden Wild Goose is in the Wetheral account. Should you wish to specify where your giving goes if not to the church, please contact our treasurer. 

If you wish to donate directly from your own bank account (with no online transaction fee) the church’s bank details are:
Holme Eden PCC : Cumberland Build Soc. : 16-52-21 : 54187181
Wetheral PCC : HSBC : 40-16-22 : 51429213
Please put your name in the payment reference so we know the gift is from you. This is particularly important if we have a signed gift aid mandate from you.

Or cheques can be posted to: Jane Dawes (Treasurer), 136 Houghton Road, Houghton, Carlisle CA3 OLD.


These are examples the forms that will appear by clicking the blue coloured links above.

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Please note that with this regular giving form, youdon’t have to choose one of the pre-selected amounts. If you click the pencil you can type in a giving amount of your own choosing.
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Finances at present 15th June 2020
Graeme Skinner

Covid-19 has raised a range of challenges for our church, meeting together for worship, pastoral care, social gatherings…. I am so grateful for the energy and generosity you have given in the past in so many ways, but today we will be facing a significant financial challenge as well. As you are an important member of the church, I would like to take this opportunity to explain why the virus has had this impact.

a) Many of you have generously supported our church for years through plate and envelope giving. As we ceased meeting for gathered worship you are no longer able to give in these ways. This represents a significant loss of income for our church.

b) There is a loss of income from midweek meetings that often generate funds, including our usual substantial income from the Wetheral Art for All exhibition.

c) The Focus Magazine is now temporally online and there will be losses through subscribers and advertisers.

d) We will lose valuable income from ‘occasional offices’: our weddings, baptisms and funerals.

e) Although some utility bills may be lower, the regular ones such as insurance and the Diocesan Parish Offer continue, and there may well be extra maintenance costs arising from the closed buildings.

Taken together, this all represents a significant loss of income for Eden Churches. The financial challenges being faced by our church are unfortunately replicated in every parish across the county. The diocese is doing all they can to support churches during this turbulent time, but they are very reliant on Parish Offer, their main source of income. A material drop in this income source across the
county will impact the diocese’ ability to pay for ministry during the crisis, and once this crisis has ended. The Parish Share pays for clergy presence and support in the parishes.

It is also worth noting that although our routine church activities have stopped, and the building is out of bounds, the church is certainly not ‘closed’. It is very much alive and seeking to be at the front-line of responding to this crisis. Covid-19 has had huge economic consequences for many individuals and businesses up and down the country. Our local expression, and a good measure of my time, has been SWWATCH and the various Eden Wild Goose activities. I have mentioned this financial question before, but not given options on how best to respond. I invite you to prayerfully consider if you can help us rise to this
challenge using any of the methods above.