Church despite Coronavirus

Heart, Soul and Mind

A web page designed to engage
our Heart, Soul and Mind.

During this time of self-isolation and social distancing - 
here is some light for a gloomy time 
and hope for a bright future.

Any thing new is listed and dated on the


New items page

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1 Church and Community News (1 CN)

Updating church and community news.
With added items being dated.

2 A community of prayer (2 CP)

We can link with others in daily prayer through 
'The Rhythm of Life' Celtic Daily Prayer book by David Adam SPCK.
This is part of our Eden Wild Goose initiative.
Every Sunday we will post a recorded service for you to listen to and join in.
We will be using 'The Rhythm of Life' Celtic Daily Prayer book.
We will post a short service each week for Sunday use.
A hymn, some words to join in and a thought.

3 Sunday worship- wherever you are (3 SW)

We will post a short service each week for Sunday use.
A hymn, some words to join in and a thought.

4 Engaging the family (4 EF)

Callum Baker is putting together a series
of activities and thoughts to use in family homes.
This is especially helpful for those
who usually come Tots Cafe and Jelly Tots.
If you have contacts with any other families
in the community our your own family
- do send them the link.

5 Telephone companions (5 TC)

We are setting up a network of telephone companions
to ensure that people who are isolated get regular support.

6 Thoughts for these days (6 TD)

There will be a series of 'thoughts'
to keep us thinking and praying.


7 Quiet spaces (7 QS)

The churches are now closed for the time being.

8 Practical Support SWWATCH (8 PS)

We will do what we can do to help.
There are local initiatives being set up in our area.
We are directly involved in one called SWWATCH.

9 Extra help (9 EH)

This page will provide useful ideas and resources.

10 Media links (10 ML)

Where to go - radio - social media - websites.

11 Focus Magazine (11 FM)