Eden Wild Goose Story Telling Event

IMG 4446

'Can you think of an animal that made you see life differently?'
This was the title of our first Story Telling event
held in July 2019 at Oak Tree Animals' Charity woods in Wetheral Shields.

Twenty four people gathered to hear six stories of six minutes each.
The stories included donkeys, a dog, some goats, an alpaca
and a ferocious looking South African 'spider'.
The stories varied in their content from fun, profound to challenging.
the evening included laughter and tears,
and a sense of togetherness as the sun when down. 

A loud honking of geese from the nearby Eden River
marked the end of the evening,
right on cue for Graeme Skinner
to talk briefly about the idea of the Eden Wild Goose Community. 

Story Telling events are about learning from each other,
community building and enjoying the moment.
If you have an idea for a subject and a venue
please contact Graeme on 0128 561358 to discuss it.

Video of Story Telling at Oak Tree Animals' Charity July 2019.