First Meetings 22nd and 23rd March 2022 

Recording of the introductory talks on 22nd and 23rd March
'As we begin to set up the EWGUS Support Group'
(25 minutes) PowerPoint with audio

Sixty people gathered on Zoom or in St Paul's Holme Eden over these two meetings, a large turn out with such short notice. The desire to 'do something' was high on people's minds. Many others would have like to have been there, so this is catch up a recoding of the introduction and conclusion of the meetings.  As expected, in terse rapidly changing times, much is evolving since then. 

Thank you for the investment of time and energy so far.
It is a wonderful expression of love, compassion and justice in action.
Graeme Skinner

Notes from the PowerPoints at the meetings

EWGUS has a very focused brief
The purpose of this meeting is to consider how we can best work together as a community to provide practical support for both guests and hosts as appropriate.
‘Sanctuary’ is a place where people who are in danger from other people can go to be safe.
1/ What we are: Supporters

  • We are a support group for Ukrainian guests and local hosts

2/ What we will do: Listen and learn

  • We will listen to the needs of guests and hosts
  • We will learn from other similar groups
  • We will signpost to bespoke support

3/ What are not: Everything needed

  • We are not planning to set up a legal identity – but will follow all legal guidance
  • We are not setting up a political pressure group but can individually add our voices to those who are better paced for that
  • We are not able to offer more than the sum of what we have offered

4/ What we will become: Friends

  • Friendship is a two-way relationship

A few of emerging ideas from the meetings included
The importance of language – teaching English, Ukrainian and Russian was considered
DBS and safeguarding is being explored – there will be help from The Church of England and The Local Authorities
Future matching – the exact procedure is still not known
St Paul’s Home Eden could be used as a meeting place for EWGUS
How might communications work within the support group
Someone is looking into school’s contacts for admission
Similarly with GP surgeries

Over the next few days EWGUS will continue to prepare for the time when we will be called upon.