Platinum Jubilee Song 

'Platinum Light' by Jerry King 
Written for Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee 2020

Clip from BBC Radio Cumbria on 18th January 2022.
How and why the song was written.
Available for 28 days.
Fast forward to 1.09.10 for a 5 minute interview about the song.

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Ths song has been written for use with Eden Wild Goose Community Choir.
As a matter of copyright and courtesy, please could you let us know if you would like to use it in your setting.
Please contact Jerry King with questions or permission.

1. You promised at your coronation,
For Commonwealth and Nation,
To serve without discrimination.
God save the Queen!
2. To lead a people you did swear
With sword of truth, measured and fair,
And God’s right hand through constant prayer.
Long live the Queen!
3. With selflessness gave of your life
Through triumphs and through pain and strife
As daughter, sister, mother and wife.
Long may you reign!
4. Resistant to corrosive spite
Your shield of platinum pure light,
Cast in your majesty and might.
God save us all!
5. With sceptre, orb and book
These solemn vows you took
And trusting in God's call
You prayed for strength to govern one and all.
6. As three score years and ten have passed,
Your heart and mind remain steadfast,
Though empires fall you constant last.
God save the Queen!
God save the Queen!
© Jerry King
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