Take my hands and make them move
For your Kingdom here on earth

Selah by Abby Easton

Allow the song to be your prayer of commitment.

Take my hands and make them work
For your kingdom here on earth
Take my will and make it yours
Show me what my life is for
Guide my feet and light my face
Keep me in your eyes today
Take my voice and make it sing
For the glory of my king
O let it be. Amen. Selah
Take my heart and set it free
Let your will be done in me
Take the frailty of my faith
Make something of my mistakes
O let it be, Amen, Selah
You are Lord through the ages, Selah, Selah
You’re the God of creation, Selah, Selah
We’re created to praise you
And to join with the ages
Singing Hallelujah, Selah