To hear the crickets sing

By Ally Schofield
I wrote this poem ages 11/12, when I got my first digital hearing aids, after having analog hearing aids since I was 6. The sound quality was so much better to me.

To hear the crickets sing
From the tinniness of my first new ears,
My mind is filled with noises,
Some familiar, from my early days, some aren't,
Some I noticed not, in the days prior to my silence,
Now though, I hear new sounds every day,
I open a can of fizzy drink and the bubbles crackle,
The leaves in the trees rustle in the wind,
The birds sing and the seagulls chatter,
As I walk, I hear the school children play in the distance,
The stream rushes past and nature plays delightful havoc with my ears,
The music I thought long faded, now clearer than ever,
And from my common state of lonely silence,
Like time spent with my family and friends,
It fills me with joy to hear the crickets sing.