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The importance of remembering

On this Day, 27th May 1940, Private Albert Atkinson died in Dunkirk. He served with the 1st Tank Brigade of The British Expeditionary Force. This was also the first day of Operation Dynamo, rescuing the army from the beaches of Dunkirk. The role of the tank brigade, in their heavily armoured and slow moving vehicles, was to protect the infantry.

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Today, we remember Albert Atkinson, from Heads Nook. He was buried in Dover but his name is inscribed on a gravestone in St Paul's Holme Eden. The loss of one person always has a huge impact on a family. If any of his family read this, please contact me, Rev Graeme Skinner, graemevicarofeden@gmail.com and we could say more at another time.

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Video : 10 minutes historical record of Dunkirk