By Ally Schofield
The colour of Strawberries and apples
Tomatoes and cherries
Big London buses and the robin’s red breast
The vibrant colour that warns of danger
That suggests anger or fright
Panic or embarrassment
But it is also the colour of romance
Or a colour of friendship
For the post boxes and the post vans
Delivering our letters boast this colour
It is the beauty of tulips or
My auntie’s acre tree in it’s autumn dress
Striking poppies.
We will not forget.
But don’t suffer in silence
A problem is halved when a problem is shared
Talk to someone
I give you red.
The colour of spring or summer
Of daffodils
Of buttercups and corn
The gorgeous citrusy flavour
Of a lemon
The colour of bananas
That burst of energy
The colour of the beaming sun
A happy colour
Or a colour of anticipation
But a smiling colour
The colour of a beautiful canary
Clap for the NHS they’re jolly good fellows
They give us hope
I give you yellow.
The colour of childhood silliness and innocence
The elegant flamingo
The colour of pigs
That may or may not fly
Jackie’s favourite rose
The colour which suggests a baby girl
The colour of a healthy tongue
Cherry blossom or candyfloss
A colour of marshmallows
The colour of strawberry ice cream
Of prawn cocktail crisps
The colour of a beach in the Bahamas
And the pink terraces of Lake Rotomahana
Barbie’s signature colour
The peace and quiet gives you time to think
Learn a new skill or hobby
I give you pink.
The colour of sickness and envy
Is also tranquility
The colour of life
Both old and new
The colour associated with dinosaurs
That lived many years ago
The colour of growth
Of new shoots
Nanaday Conures
Croaking frogs
Think of lush grass
Think of the trees
Think of the nature you have heard and seen
The loveable huggable character ‘Shrek’
Think of peace and I give you green.
A colour of richness
A colour that stands out
The colour of lilacs and Irises
Of Aneomes and lavender
Of violets shouting their charm
The heather covered hills
Up on the moors
The colour of a bruise caused by a fall
The proud aubergine
Or purple grapes
The colour that defined me
when I was little
A colour perhaps, of
Confused emotions in a whirpool
But in the background
Lies gentleness, I give you purple.
The colour of harvest
Of warmth and relaxation
Of carrots, pumpkins
A colour abundant in autumn
The colour of a sunset
Of safety jackets
Of fruit
A tiger rushing through the jungle
A colour of duck beaks
A colour of holidaying at the beach
The colour of sea urchin roe
And traffic cones
Of Mango, or a cantaloupe melon
The colour of wotsits
The colour of Garfield
Stay cheerful, my friends, have courage
When things seem bad –
Look for the light and I give you orange.
The colour of joy
They colour of cold
The colour of serenity and calm
The medditerranean sea
The emperor butterfly
A poison dart frog
Blueberries and a gas fire
The colour that suggest a baby boy
The sky on a clear summer’s day
Blue eyes, blue jeans
Bluebells and blue whales
The clour of a peacock
Or a forget-me-not
These difficult times we will get through
Remember if you are lonely,
Someone somewhere loves you – I give you blue.
A fridge full of goodies
Peppers – orange red and yellow
Pink radishes
And Green asparigus
A festival – definitely a colourful affair
Spectrums and paperchains
A patchwork blanket of many colours
Hours of work
Enchanting sweet peas
Calmly flitting butterflies
Kites floating in the wind
The beautiful black white and red
Of the woodpecker visiting for lunch
The comforting noisiness of
 Many colours joining together
If we support each other, we will cope
Share love and kindness
My gift to you is the rainbow of hope.