6 TD Grateful


We owe our lives to the actions of others. It’s at a time of disruption like this, that we refocus on this truth. We make a thankful noise for those who work in the NHS and express our gratitude for all key workers, especially those who support the food chain. Many of us rely on the outbreak of good will from friends and neighbours or local support groups like SWWATCH who gather around those who need extra help. I am hearing the word ‘grateful’ reoccurring in many conversations.
It was the scientist June Almeida who, peering into her electron microscope in 1964, recognised the coronavirus, a tiny dot surrounded by little pegs resembling a crown, hence the Latin word ‘corona’. She had dropped out of school in Glasgow to become a lab technician. It had been almost impossible to find the virus but she came up with a brilliant idea, a breakthrough in virology. She took antibodies from previously infected people and introduced them to samples from suffering patients. The antibodies gathered around the virus particles and alerted her to their presence.
When something so negative as the coronavirus infects our lives and communities, it is truly inspiring to see how positive acts of kindness can gather around in support. Even though we are isolated, we realise afresh how much we need other people, whether medics, scientists, growers, distributors, neighbours or the person at the end of the phone. This pandemic can teach us to be grateful.
Rev Graeme Skinner
Eden Wild Goose Community and Vicar of Holme Eden and Wetheral
April 2020

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