A poem by Ally Schofield
In such times as these, imagination can be a powerful comfort.
In our minds, we can go anywhere we want to, without leaving out homes.
For those who struggle, here is a little help...

Today I’m in the jungle...
Poison-dart frogs
Enjoy the hot humid air
But of the dangers in the jungle
Better beware
The songs of the macaws
Drown out all else
Until the elephant’s trumpet
Announces itself
The ravenous croc
Hides in the swamp
Ready to greet with a grin
Then swallow with a chomp
The orange and black stripes
Tear through the trees
Those roaring flames of fur
And I leap
Like a chimpanzee
A lone bear
Goes about business
As green cathedrals tower above
He can’t find peace and quiet
Not for honey, nor for love
The atmospheric green
Dense and warm
Brings a strange comfort
Unlike those angry
Bees in a swarm
And the tiny ant
So often overlooked
Foraging back and forth
However long it took
I stay in the wilderness
In the jungle heat
For as long as I can stand
And to my delight
Up there in trees
A beautiful, lazy orang-utan.
Of course you don’t have to rhyme...just IMAGINE.