6 TD Lonely poem by Ally Schof

A poem by Ally Schofield 

How lonely must the moon feel?
When the stars are nowhere to be seen?
How lonely must the last puddle be?
Though it gives a lovely sheen.
How lonely does an email feel?
When someone forgets to press ‘send’?
How lonely must a lost sheep feel?
Parted from his friends?
How lonely must your school jumper feel?
When it’s left behind on the bus?
How lonely must the grizzly bear feel?
Though he doesn’t make a fuss.
How lonely does a deaf lip-reader feel?
When someone covers their chops?
How lonely must it be on the mountain?
On the highest peak, at the top?
How lonely must the discarded pebble be?
Such a long way from its home
How lonely must one egg be
Being boiled all alone?
How lonely must that one word be?
In a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ text?
How lonely must empty buildings be?
Whatever happens next?
How lonely are entertainers?
They’re used to keeping people amused
How lonely must the last carrot in the bag feel?
When all others have been used?
How lonely must Charlie the pheasant be?
Wandering around the garden on his own?
Who knows what is going on in his head?
He seems alright to me but he’s still all alone
How lonely must people be?
If they are self-isolating on their own?
But I promise that I am thinking of you.
You are not alone.