A poem for this time by Ally Schofield ( St Paul's Holme Eden) 

The roaring polluted waters of disease
Thoughtless and unkind
Bursts firecely through the trees
With only destruction in its mind
It boasts relentless power to all who stand in the way
Announcing more devastation
Again and again it tries to find those who sensibly hide away
Enforcing isolation
The flowers of the NHS bridges build
Over the troubled brook so we don’t stand alone
As quick as humanely possible they utilise their skills
Hour upon hour they work fingers to the bone
While such tireless sorrow this river brings 
The kind-hearted foliage in numbers grow
These beautiful people are our wings
When the flow is fast and  progress seems slow
With a little bit of sweet comes a lot of bitter
But there is a great beauty in this age
When hope seems as small as the tiniest piece of glitter
Love and determination calm the river’s rage
The grateful clap for the flowers
And the prayers of the trees
Drown out the thundering power
Of the turbulent flow if only we
Respect the lockdown and social-distancing
With the cheerful song of life persist.
And one more thing.
REALLY listen.