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1st August

The Bereavement Journey course in Cumbria.

Holy Trinity church in Brompton London developed a course called The Bereavement Journey which has been delivered to small groups very successfully over the past 25 years. Recently, this course has been delivered online, and feedback has been very positive. Further details can be found on their website

Churches Together in Cumbria CTiC is now offering this course in Cumbria using Zoom. The first course will be delivered on Thursday evenings, beginning on 17th September at 7.30pm - 9.30pm. The course runs for six weeks, so will end on Thursday 22nd October.

We will have two groups of eight guests. If you are interested in booking a place, or would like more information, please email shelagh.goldie@gmail.com
The course has been very popular, so we are offering a second course beginning Thursday 5th November 7.30pm for six weeks, ending Thursday 10th December. Thereafter we hope more people will run courses to keep waiting lists at a minimum.

We welcome guests of any age who have been bereaved at any time.
Shelagh Goldie

1st August

COVID-19 - Statement from Colin Cox

Colin Cox, Cumbria County Council’s Director of Public Health, said:

“Following the announcements relating to Manchester and its surrounding areas it is sadly very clear that coronavirus is still circulating and being passed on. It is essential that we all recognise that the risk has not gone away and that we must all remain vigilant and follow all the latest guidance regarding hygiene and social distancing

For Cumbria I want to reassure residents that based on our most recent data I would describe our situation as stable. The latest figures in relation to Carlisle and Eden are encouraging but we must remain cautious and aware of the impact that our behaviour has on this situation.

Our multi-agency Health Protection Board is closely monitoring the situation across the county and will act accordingly to any rises or concerns. However I cannot stress strongly enough that we can only maintain this position if people help us control any further infection outbreak by following the rules”

31st July

Provisional Sunday rota in August 2020
Depending on Gov.uk guidance
If you wish to come to the church building it is essential that you book in with Graeme Skinner (or Peter Dixon for 16th August) as our numbers cannot exceed 30 people and for Track and Trace purposes.
If you wish to be at the Zoom service, a email will go to everyone on the church mailing list, again please contact Graeme Skinner if you would like to know the link and password.
Face covering are compulsory from 8th August Face coverings will not be mandatory for: anyone under the age of 11 or those with disabilities or certain health conditions, such as respiratory or cognitive impairments that make it difficult for them to wear a face covering

2nd Aug
8.15am HC Wetheral Book of Common Prayer
9.45am Joint All Age Holme Eden
11.15am Online Zoom service
9th August
9.45am online Zoom Service: 
11.15am Morning Worship at Wetheral

16th August
9.45am Morning Worship at Holme Eden: 
11.15am Online Zoom service

23rd August
9.45am online Zoom Service: 
11.15am Morning Worship at Wetheral

30th August
9.45am Morning Worship at Holme Eden: 
11.15am Online Zoom service

28th June
Returning to the church buildings for worship. Services in July (Provisional)
If there are no changes to Gov.uk guidance for opening churches then we are planning a phased re entry for worship into the church buildings. This is a provisional plan

5th July
8.15am HC Wetheral Book of Common Prayer
10.30am Joint on line Zoom

12th July
10.30am Joint on line Zoom

19th July
9.46am Joint on line Zoom
11.15am Morning Prayer Wetheral

26th July
10.30am Joint on Wetheral Green
(still to be approved)

2nd Aug
8.15am HC Wetheral Book of Common Prayer
9.45am Joint All Age Holme Eden
15th June
Opening our churches for private prayer only.
From Monday 15th June.
Holy Trinity Wetheral will be open from 8am to 5pm daily.
St Paul's Holme Eden, Mondays and Thursdays 9am-5pm
We require people to follow all currant government's guidelines or social distancing and hand sanitising. Please note that this may change depending on national or local circumstances.
May God be with you - wherever you may be.

7th April
Diocesan Youtube

Bishop Emma's Easter message
4th April
BBC Radio Cumbria has an item about SWWATCH
('Connecting communities in a time of crisis')
on the Breakfast show at about 7.15am.
If you listened in again at 8am
there is a virtual worship service to join
for those who are missing their Sunday gatherings in church
as well as for anyone who would like to join in.

4th April
Praying together separately.
Every Friday from 10.30am to 11.15am
members of the church will be praying in their homes.
You are invited to join in. 

1st April
Black Gold
Drawing on his academic degree, the local vicar been following a hunch. ‘Geology remains an interest to me’, Rev Graeme Skinner explained, ‘I’m always trying to interpret the landscape to imagine what lies beneath’. Unknown to the congregation, the geological vicar has frequented the church during this lock down time to engage in some explorative exploration. He hired some basic drilling equipment and probed below the two church buildings.
‘It seemed foolish, but I had to know’, he continues, ‘Within a couple of days, my geological divining stick struck gold, well black really’. Oil is now flowing from the local Permo Triassic sandstone. At present the only place to store it is back where it came from. The vicar continues, ‘The beauty of it is that no one will know. The tower at Wetheral and spire at Holme Eden are concealing the derrick and pumping equipment and by the time the coronavirus lock down is all over, I will have dismantled the equipment.’

30th March
SWWATCH community support is now up and running.
28th March
Letter to the church from Graeme Skinner
20th March
A message from Graeme Skinner

First of all, we hope that you are keeping safe and well. Be assured of being supported in prayer.

As you probably know, our Sunday services have been temporarily suspended until the virus has receded. In response…

Firstly, there are other ways to join in worship this Sunday, BBC Radio Cumbria will have a service between 8-9am, and the BBC Radio 4 service is at 8.10am.

Secondly, our church buildings remain open (Wetheral during the days, Holme Eden on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays). You are welcome to come, but we are advised against any gatherings, so there are no services at all.  Please use the space for private prayer. It's very important that people do not congregate in church at the usual time on Sunday please, if you plan to come at all, please come at other times.

Thirdly, to supplement the radio and quiet prayer and if you can go on line, the church website has our own short service that you can follow. In ‘Latest News’ you will find a link to ‘At home during Covid-19’, follow the page to ‘Sunday Worship – wherever you are’.

Also, we are setting up a Telephone Companions scheme for this period and I hope this will be in place during the next few days. We were planning to roll our Eden Wild Goose Prayer community later this year. However, this is the opportune moment to bring that forward. If you would like one of ‘The Rhythm of Life’ prayer books, please send a message to me, Graeme, and one will be passed to you. It’s free, however a donation of £8 would enable me to buy one for someone else.

If you are self-isolating please let me know, however you can, so we may be aware and supportive.

May you know the presence of God at this time, the Lord who is never distant and is with us in our isolation.
Graeme Skinner

20th March 
A message from Bishop James Newcome
19th March 6pm
Day of Prayer and Action, Sunday 22nd March
 The Presidents of Churches Together in England,
have called for a National Day of Prayer and Action re. the coronavirus pandemic.
Join in on 22nd March to pray together,
and, at 7pm light a Candle of Hope
to put in your window
visually symbolising the light of Life,
Jesus Christ our hope and source in prayer.
The Archbishops' of Canterbury and York, wrote:
‘This is a defining moment for the Church of England. Are we truly a church for all, or just the church for ourselves? We urge you sisters and brothers to become a different sort of church in these coming months: hopeful and rooted in the offering of prayer and praise and overflowing in service to the world.’
Both Eden Churches will be open during Sunday 22nd March for private prayer only, please do not gather in church in anyway, we need to respect the Archbishop’s guidance with integrity.
There will be no services, but you can join in at home with one we have put on line.
As it is Mothering Sunday, some local residents will be randomly receiving posies, with love from the church. If you want to reach out in kindness to those around you – please take the initiative, being mindful of all relevant heath advice.,
Let us pray for one another during this difficult time...
 'The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.'
Philippians 4v6 -7


19th March
Communities are coming together at this time to explore how local support can be strengthened as we face the issues arising from self-isolation and social distancing. Rev Graeme Skinner vicar of St Paul’s Holme Eden, and Pete Denyer, Member Pioneer with the Co-op, are trying to find out is there is anything that has already been set up in the villages of Warwick on Eden, Holme Eden, Warwick Bridge, Little Corby, Corby Hill, Great Corby, Broadwath and Heads Nook. Of course, there will be a whole network of neighbourly friendships and support already that will be strengthened at a time like this. Please could you email me on graemevicarofeden@gmail.com in response to these questions.
1/ Do you know of any organised local groups or initiatives that have already been set up in these villages, and the contact person’s contact details? We do not want to replicate what is already happening.
2/ Given the fact that we do not yet have any resources, human or otherwise, do you have any ideas or comments on what could be specifically and realistically done?
3/ What could you offer yourself? Paul and I are meeting on Monday 23rd March morning at 9.30am to discuss any response to this post.
If you are interested in coming, and want to be involved in taking something forward, please contact me by email asap and I can give you details. In the meantime, be well, keep well and look out for others
Graeme Skinner
Please note that we will sit three metres apart, use sanitiser and have no refreshments.
Extra - we plan to link with activities in Wetheral through this too.

19th March
For such a time as this: Covid-19
In response to the challenges of the days ahead
We are setting up a Telephone Companions support network.
We are offering a prayer book for use at home (The Rhythm of Life: David Adam SPCK)
We are using social media and website to supplement the above.
More on these initiatives to follow.

The churches are open for as quiet spaces for people to pray alone.
Wetheral: during the days, times are not fixed.
Holme Eden: on Mondays and Wednesdays 8.30am to 6pm.
Please keep the recommended two metres from anyone you might meet.
take home any paper you make have picked up
Be sure to wash you hands before your visit and on your return.

Be well, keep well and keep praying.
17th March
Dear all (community and churches)
17th March 2020
These are troubled times. We are all trying to work out the implications for ourselves, our families, community and nation. At a stroke our plans and hopes have evaporated and together we are in a new place and untested place. The world looks very different today.

Activities around the church and community events organised by the local churches are included in the challenge. Following Gov.uk guidance we have temporarily suspended all midweek activities, Tots Cafe, Jelly Tots, Cameo, Mothers Union, Bible groups, Prayer Meeting, Lent Group, Music Group and other gatherings. The Eden Wild Goose activities are also on hold, The Community Choir, Crafty Gaggle, Story Telling and Nature events.

We are at present planning ideas for 'joining up' in other ways in these days of isolation, online or by activities in our own homes at the same time. Watch this space as we try to face into the prevailing wind and provide ways for us to only only survive but also to thrive. For example, the Tots groups are enjoying suggestions of crafts at home with the children that can be posted on the Facebook page for all to see (Eden Churches).

We await developments on Sunday Worship.
Be sure of my prayers.
Take care, be well and stay well.
Rev Graeme Skinner