5 TC Telephone Companions
Telephone companions 

We are setting up a Telephone Companions support network for this time.

In response to the changing circumstances that the whole country is facing, our archbishops have explained that we need to be a ‘different sort of church’. As our usual church services on Sundays have been temporarily suspended. I am at present working on listing other avenues of worship through radio, books or online.
There is also a huge challenge for pastoral care, especially for those who are needing to self-isolate. There will be a hierarchy of needs in these coming weeks including loneliness for those self-isolating and for all of us in social distancing. Please let Graeme Skinner know if you are not part of this support and would like to be.
Some people from each church will join a team to create a network of care in the church family. Much of this already goes on naturally and is to be celebrated and encouraged. Anything added through Telephone Companions will provide an extra level of support. Even if you are needing to self -isolate, you will still be able to support others and benefit yourself from regular phone conversations, this will be of mutual benefit to all.

A companion is literally 'one who eats bread with' (Latin). So, one day we will once again break bread together with no distance between us.