6 TD Thoughts for these days
Thoughts for these days

There will be a series of 'thoughts'
to keep us thinking and praying.

13th January 2021
The Jesus story
Brian Maclaren

7th January 2021
Joy and gratitude
A quote to ponder


10th October
'Selah: Take my hands and make them work'
A song to inspire

27th July
Keswick Convention talks
27th- 31st July.

26th June
The bravest thing
A quote to ponder

23rd June
Count that day lost
A poem by George Eliot

19th June
Abbey proud
A poem by Ally Schofield

16th June
Without a map
A song asking God a question

16th June
An underestimated art

15th June
Becoming yourself
A quote to ponder

30th May
To hear the crickets sing
A poem by Ally Schofield

27th May
Eden Churches Facebook
Eight photos for personal meditation and reflection posted on 26th and 27th May
Open space: Safe space: The Lord's prayer: Food for all
Gladden: Hands to you: There: Ascribe Glory

27th May 
Soap. Lemon. Paracetamol
A poem by Rhidian Brook (BBC Radio 4)

27th May
The importance of remembering
Albert Atkinson and Dunkirk

24th May 
Types of forgiveness
A short video 

12th May 
Wordsworth up to date
A poem

10th May
A poem by Ally Schofield

5th May
Blessing the UK
6 minus 46 of blessing with a song

26th April
Justin Welby
Premier interview with the Archbishop

23rd April
Sam Wells
BBC Radio 4 Thought for the day (3 mins)

22nd April
Supporting good metal health
Thirteen daily thoughts - with text and audio

22nd April 
Dealing with loneliness and isolation
A Church of England publication

20th April
We need each other

19th April
Unleashing Life in a time of Death
Spring Harvest talk 4: Peter Greig

17th April
Unleashing Depth in a Time of Distraction
Spring Harvest talk 3: Pete Greig 

16th April
'The prayer of Francis and Clare'
Fr. Richard Rohr.

16th April
'Unleashing courage in a time of containment'
Spring Harvest talk 2: Pete Greig (10 minutes)
Song: Cathy Burton

15th April
'I am Pilate' 
A short video story from the governor (12 minutes)

15th April
'Unleashing love in a time of fear'
Spring Harvest talk 1: Pete Greig (10 minutes)
Song Cathy Burton (6 minutes)

6 TD 200415 Greig 1

13th April
'How the virus stole Easter'
A poem by Kristi Bothur

8th April
'Human contact'
An article by Bishop James Newcome

8th April
A poem by Ally Schofield

6th April
Lessons on happiness in captivity
BBC video with Terry Waite.
Q Is there anything in his words for you?

5th April
Which force do you listen to in the desert?
Short talk b Brother Jean-Mark of Taize (4 mins video)

5th April
'Questions that Christians 
?might be wrestling with during the coronavirus crisis'

An article by Dr Ruth Valerio and Gideon Heugh of Tearfund. 

2nd April
A poem by Ally Schofield

30th March
'This is the time to be slow'
A poem by John O'Donohue

30th March (Poem)
A poem by Ally Schofield

27th March 

A thought by Philippa Skinner

20th March (Photo thought)
Aslan inspires hope
A photo thought

20th March 
Slow down
A photo thought