2 CP Community of Prayer
A Community of Prayer 

What is prayer?
There is no simple, satisfactory definition of prayer but perhaps at its heart is the idea of relationship with God, or being in communion or communication with God. There are many books written on prayer and probably not one of them can fully claim to have prayer 'buttonholed'. We can come to prayer in any number of ways, through the formal means of Sunday Church prayers, to simply sitting silently and consciously, enjoying that seascape or sunset. And yet, for all its flexibility and availability very few of us would claim to find prayer easy.Maybe that is not surprising since understanding God is not possible for our finite minds. God is mystery. That's why it can be helpful to have a simple tool like our current book at our disposal, to help us and guide us when we feel at a loss but somehow know we want to connect and reach out beyond ourselves.

The Rhythm of Life Prayer book.
Link to web page on the book

Songs for prayerful reflection and worship
Without a map Marketa Irglova
I am not alone Kari Jobe

Prayer Resources 

The Thy Kingdom Come prayers are being left on this page as a useful resource for prayer.

TKC 2020 banner

Thy Kingdom Come 2020 May 21st - May 31st

Daily Resources
to be a catalyst for prayer
Each page contains a refection and video or audio links

Day 1 21st May Jesus

Day 2 22nd May Praise
 Day 3 23rd May Thanks
Day 4 24th May Sorry
Day 5 25th May Offer
Day 6 26th May Pray for
Day 7 27th May Help
Day 8 28th May Adore
Day 9 29th May  Celebrate 
Day 10 30th May Silence
Day 11 31st May Pentecost
TKC Pentecost service (45 mins)


What is Thy Kingdom Come?

Global Prayer from Ascension to Pentecost
Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray between Ascension Day (21st May) and Pentecost (31st May) along with churches from over the world; last year 65 different denominations in 178 countries joined in. TKC, started by Justin Welby and John Sentamu, is now in its fifth year and has been reimagined for this lock down time.

Extra Thy Kingdom Come links

Sharing your faith
'Sharing your faith'
Justin Welby and others
Five short videos on sharing your faith.